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  1. Maximal Tours LLC. (motorcycle tours) is a VETERAN OWNED American company. Many of the other companies are foreign owned and do not offer you the same legal remedies as does Maximal Tours LLC. Disputes are handled in the Tour Operators country…NOT the USA.
  2. Maximal Tours offers you the MOST FLEXIBILITY in planning your tour.
  3. The same people that sell you a tour are the same people that travel with you. We have professional guides. Maximal Team is with you 24/7.
  4. Hotel accommodations and your motorcycle are both custom selected for each Tour. We do not make long term contracts with hotel chains and book rooms depending on the cheapest prices available.
  5. Our European/American ownership and management team is unique in the motorcycle travel industry. Our German/American management team and staff understands your needs and desires.

BMW and maximaltours

BMW Motorrad Facebook page recommended us, we are enjoying being part of the touring family.


MAXimal Tours Alps Italy Venice Tour 2017 – Our daily Updates

09/20 2017 // MAXimal Tours Alps 2017 final day.
Thank you to our absolutely fantastic guests.
The MAXimal Tours family is very happy and proud to welcome you.

09/19 2017 // MAXimal Tours Alps Tour impressions
Today we rode into our 5th European country
SLOVENIJA on our way to our destination at Lake Wörther Austria

09/18 2017 // Another curve rodeo day in the Alps.
Our friend Murph said: This trip makes Tail of the Dragon look like a Walmart Parking lot.
He is right and everybody enjoys it.

Today we rest in Venice.

09/17 2017 // We arrived at Lake Garda
One of our guests said ” It should be announced as one of the 7 world wonders”
He is right.

09/16 2017 // Impressions of a very unique riding day.
Weather was not the best but the scenery absolutely impressive.
Like every day an outstanding accomodation and excellent food.

09/14 2017 // The MAXimal Tour “Alps pre tour” ended today.
Organ performance (my daughter in law Steffi) and welcome party in Pöttmes.

09/13 2017 // Our group is complete now.
We rearranged the pre tour program, now we are ready to roll.
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09/12 2017 // Waiting for the last friends to arrive after the Irma delay.
Flexible response… riding with friends.

09/11 2017 // We arrived in Germany and started preparations for the MAXimal Alps Italy Venice tour 2017. Company car and bikes are ready to roll.

Old Beetle “Judy” still has the Florida license plates !!!

09/10 2017 // Ochsnwirt our first place to stay in Pöttmes.Outstanding food where the locals sit and eat.

We are waiting for 3 more friends tomorrow. Red carpet walk for MAXimal Tours guests.

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Your motorcycle tour with Maximal Tours

We highly specialised to organize your motorcycle holydays

max krammel

Somehow you have found our website by accident or perhaps you are interested  in learning about a motorcycle tour and /or other U.S. travel. No matter what  reason, we are glad that you found us!

My wife, Regine and I, Max Krammel, own and run our unique motorcycle tour business off the coast of Northwest Florida. Interesting life circumstances have brought us to our home in Florida from our original birthplaces in the region of Bavaria, Germany. (You must ask us about that when you contact us. We have  lots of fun stories to tell.) We have lived in Pensacola, Florida, USA, since March  2005. The Blue Angels fly here and we have the whitest beaches in all the States on the Gulf of Mexico.

Regine designs our motorcycle tours specifically to the needs, interests and    enjoyment of our tour participants.  She accompanies me on tours and is also a licensed fitness trainer; a handy woman to have around to help keep you in shape while touring, if you so desire.  Regine is an avid athlete and is here for you as you participate in early morning recreation and/or sports on the beach.  Throughout our tours, Regine ensures that our guests are introduced to a variety of culinary delights that enrich the stereotypical burgers and steaks. An accompanying van driver is here throughout every tour to transport anything that does not fit onto a motorcycle. Our tour participants will find an all-around holiday package.

Max organizes all of the tours as a tour guide throughout Europe and the United States. It does not matter if you ride a BMW or prefer the seat of a Harley Davidson. As a result of his career activity in the German Air Force, Max was in charge of human resources for his troups while German pilots received flight training in Pensacola. During this time and into the present day, Max has made many friends and contacts here in the USA and from all over the world who participated in MAXimal Tours. Because of his travel experience, the tour participant is offered a first-hand impression of the culture and country in the USA tour.

From the beginning, we have believed that it is essential to integrate ourselves  into the lifestyles and cultures of our host country. We have found that Germany and the USA have quite a lot in common. One of the biggest highlights of living here has been our meeting with the Apollo moon program astronauts. They have  some pretty awesome motorcycle drivers. We took a page out of their book and  so we too can fly, fly, fly on our bikes.

Finally, we wish you a lot of fun while visiting at our website. We hope that we were able to generate interest in our motorcycle tours so you will consider  MAXimal tours for your next vacation in the United States and/or Europe

Best Wishes and Good Health,
Regine and Max

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Exclusive Planning for Exclusive Dream Motorcycle Tours with Maximal Tours

Our motorcycle tour guides know North America like their own pocket.

We know all the well known routes as well as the “insider” routes, because we have been there and seen it. History , present news, geography: we know North America. It gets really interesting when Max starts talking about NASA and all the Apollo Astronauts which he had the pleasure talking to on several occasions. Our experience from living here in the USA for many years and the extensive travel we have done is second to none. Please ask your tour guide how long he or she has lived in the USA and now calls home.

Arrange your motorcycle holiday with old school bikers

For the last 40 years Chief Tour guide Max spent a lot of time on the motorcycle and without an accident. He is at home with any kind of motorcycle. He has done it all. If you are interested In the USA, Canada or Europe Max knows the” biker” routes. It is no wonder since he spends 30,000 miles on the road.

For the last 30 years, our tour guide Harald calls Denver his home. He knows the Rocky Mountain region like second-to- none besides having traveled extensively throughout North America on all kinds of motorcycles.

Our tour guide Martin lives in Germany and is the “expert” on our European tours. His motorcycle skills are amazing.

All our tour guides are fluent in English and German.

Our home base is in the USA with all the necessary licenses to operate legally.

As a USA company with all the necessary licenses, work visas and permission to enter all parks. You will never experience being denied entrance at any park or, in a worst case scenario, the cancelation of the tour due to missing Visas and other documents; which has happened to other tour operators.

Flexible start/stop locations and arrival times, no minimum participants.

Our individual motorcycle tours know no limits. No matter where the motorcycle rental cities are we will arrange to get the motorcycles to the city you choose to start your trip. We don’t have fixed times or a minimum of participants on individual tours.

Our tour guides and the way we conduct our tours will keep you as safe as possible on motorcycles. In case of an unfortunate event of an accident, our tour guides will be there for you to help you through all necessary steps. We will be there for you until you are secure and well taken care of. This is a very important factor in choosing a tour organizer.

Special requests motorcycle tours

We cater to all your wishes. If you like to see or do other activities during your motorcycle adventure, we can include your wishes into to the master plan and advise on how to make your wishes come true.

Motorcycle touring with MaximalTours without unpleasant surprises.

We are a USA licensed company.
All tour guides are legally allowed to work in the USA and to lead motorcycle tours.
We posses all documents that are required for operating a tour company.
Being part of our tours we ask you to mention to the customs agent that you are going to be part of a motorcycle tour while in the USA.

Important Notice: All tour guides have to be in the possession of a USA work permit, even if they arrive from overseas.

  • Tour guides and operators have to be in possession of licenses to be able to enter National Parks.
  • All documents have to be with the tour guide so as not to be denied entrance to the parks.
  • Our tours will not be canceled by the authorities because all documents are complete.