The Maximal Tours Team

Our German-American Team

Motorcycle Tours Team Regine

Regine Krammel – Tour Host with 24 h smile

Regine is a licensed physical fitness trainer makes sure that the tour guests stay healthy. Throughout the tour she will suggest traditional USA / European culinary choices other than the stereotypical hamburgers, steaks and Schnitzel. Regine takes time to participate in some of the tours.  As an enthusiastic fitness trainer, she motivates the tour guests to take part in an early morning beach exercise.  With this, tour guests will find an all-around vacation package.



Max  Krammel – Manager, Lead Tour Guide, Patriotic Bavarian and Expert USA, Ecuador, Europe Travel Consultant

Max organizes and plans all the tours.  He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the USA.  No matter what you drive, whether it be a BMW or Harley, Indian. Max will provide the best tour for you.  Because of his job duties in the air force, Max became very familiar with the American way of life and will share many stories about exciting people he met and places he visited.
Ask him about his meetings with the Apollo Astronauts…



Martin Waldbauer –Motorcycle Strategist and  All Terrain Expert

We have to admit, as very experienced motorcyclists, that Martin is the top biker of the crew.  He has driven hundreds of thousands of kilometers on motorcycles.  Our tour guests will profit from his experience.  Martin is familiar with all kinds of street surfaces and terrain.  Because of his valuable experience, he is an essential member of Maximal Tours. Martin is responsible for designing the routes for the European tours.



Harald  Horchreder / Karyn Estela – Avid Motorcyclist and Tour Guides with Passion –
The Americans in our team

Maximal Tours would not be complete without Karyn and Harald, who live together in Colorado.  They have traveled and lived in the USA and Europe extensively. Harald has traveled over three-hundred thousand miles on motorcycles throughout his life.  Karyn enjoys riding with Harald as his passenger and on occasion drives the van. Both Karyn and Harald are fluent in German and English and make the ideal Tour Team. They are responsible for our newest project, “Canada”  and the “Dealer Tours.”

Karyn has been a teacher for public, private and international schools over the last 23  years. Her second language is German and she has lived and worked in Germany several  times throughout her life. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the USA.  As  a tour guide, Karyn will share her knowledge and travel experience to enrich your  motorcycle vacation. She resides in Colorado with her life partner Harald.



Florian Krammel – Office Administrator in Germany, Technical Advisor and Licensed BMW Mechanic

Florian is a very safe van driver and our motorcycle technician.  He will make sure that your bike is in top condition throughout the tour.  Florian is our main contact for our customers in Germany, before, during and after the tour.


Christian "McKenzie" Weinl

Christian “McKenzie” Weinl – Our “Overall Go-to Guy”

As a professional motorcycle mechanic and hard core fan of the USA, Christian is the perfeckt complement to our team. “McKenzie” knows motors; whether they be motorcycle or transport van; we can rely on his talents and enthusiasm to support our team.





Estefania is the ideal addition to the MAXimal Tours Team.
Born in Ecuador, studied in Germany, she now lives with her husband and her little daugther in USA.
Estefania is a US citizen and with her extensive language and South America knowledge we have exactly what we were looking for our guests from Europe, the Unidet States and Ecuador.