School Project ECUADOR

We are very happy that our school project has developed so well. It is a great satisfaction to see how enthusiastic teachers, children and our tour guests are.

The handover of the respective project is always a major event, not only in the schools, but also in the villages where we organize the projects.

How did we get the idea? … we are often asked.

Here’s how it came about

During our exploration tour, when we were heading towards the rainforest, we drove past a school where the school day just ended. As with every school in the world, the children were happy that the school day ended and the free time began. Children immediately got together to play, and in this part of Ecuador a cell phone was only granted to adults (what luck for the children).

A group of boys immediately started chasing a soccer ball. The object of the game, however, was an ancient hand-patched ball that was rolling somewhat “unbalanced”.

Here the idea arose in my head, the boys need decent balls! As a football fan since I was a child, I care a lot, and I was immediately able to see how talented the boys were. I only hope that Ecuador will not soon become the national team.

Back home, I immediately started to inform our next tour guests. Each guest immediately agreed to take at least two new balls in their luggage, including a few air pumps. In April 2017 the balls were handed over and the “MAXimal Tours School Project Ecuador” was launched.

In the meantime we have completed our first construction project in Puerto Misahualli. A playground with sand and water areas for elementary school. For this purpose, the schoolyard’s forecourt had to be drained before construction could begin.
We are now working closely with this school and have the needs communicated.

All of this is only feasible because our tour guests provide great support and because some sponsors have also found each other in the meantime.

We will continue the school project, because nothing can replace the joy of everyone involved.

Max Krammel
MAXimal Tours

SOCCER BALLS for the Rainforest 2017

School supplies for Puerto Misahualli 2018

MAXimal Tours first Construction Project – Playground 2019