This is how it works with our BMW / DUCATI other European motorcycle fleet.
We now are exclusive partner of Hertz ride.
MAXimal Tours is recommended by BMW Motorrad Facebook
We are working with dealerships NOT rental places

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During the application process you can make a selection for your first and second choices of the motorcycle to be provided on your tour.

We will make every attempt to secure the bike of your choice, but we cannot guarantee that the exact bike you choose will be available on the date of your tour.(Accident may have happened or technical problems)
Remember renting a car you have almost no choice of brand and car, our system is much better.

If we are not able to provide the model of bike you have selected, we can select a bike in the same class of manufacture. BUT WE ALWAYS WILL INVOLVE YOU IN THE DECISION.

On our European BMW trips (Alps, Eastern Europe…) we have a first come first serve policy of the models the dealerships have available.
In Ecuador MAXimal Tours has BMW F 700 GS / 800 GS available and some “spare” bikes.

Every year in spring the dealerships provide us a list of their available bikes.

Our partnership with BMW dealerships around the world is still growing.

On our US tours we work with BMW Dealerships, Indian and Harley Davidson

Individual Custom Motorcycle Tours