MAXimal Tours Ecuador
April 19 – May 1 2020 
December 05 – December 17 2020
December 04 – December 16 2021

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$ 4940.00

Per Rider

  • Double room
  • Single room: $950.00
  • US***or higher hotel standard with breakfast
  • BMW F 700 / 800 motorcycle including insurance $ 2000 deductible
  • Tour guides in front on a motorcycle a van / motorcycle in the back
  • Please check our website for further info about the included activities
  • Air Fare / Airport transfer from to hotel is not included. Prices/Hotels/Route are subject to change

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Van - Passenger

$ 2950.00

Per Passenger

  • Double room
  • Single room: $950.00
  • US*** hotel standard or higher with breakfast
  • Mini Van / Pickup double cabin Ecuadorian standard (some tours without company van)
  • Please check our website for further info about the included activities
  • Air Fare / Airport transfer from to hotel is not included. Prices/Hotels/Route are subject to chan

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Panamericana, Pacific, Andes and Amazon

We are “lifelong learners” – Our Ecuador tour can vary in destinations and highlights.
The number of tour days remains the same.

We will travel through the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon region, three of the four major environments of Ecuador on our tour through one of the most diversified countries of the world. The Galapagos Islands are not part of our tour but if you like to extend your vacation, you could add them as well.
Ecuador has a lot to offer and is a very safe country which has proven to have a stable government for over ten years. American dollars are used as currency in Ecuador. You do have to get used to the 50 cent coin. Even theoutlets are the same as in the USA. You will enjoy introducing your pallet to a variety of exciting food throughout the tour. MAXimal Tours is proud to represent the fine hotels we will lodge in. Let us take you on an adventure into the southern hemisphere over the equator to Ecuador; the motorcycle paradise in the northwest of South America.

ITINERARY – MAXimal Ecuador Tour

Day 1

Arrival in Quito

Day 2

Quito is the main capital of Ecuador with an elevation of 9200 feet and therefore the highest capital city in the world. From Quito you will have a great view to the Vulcan Cotopaxi. One of the attraction of Quito is the old city, dating back to the 16th century and has been named a World Heritage Site since 1979.

Day 3

Quito – Mitad del Mundo (center of the world) – Santo Domingo
Twenty-three (23) Kilometers north of Quito is the “Center of the World.” Charles Marie de La Condamine, as the first European, during a French expedition in 1736, determined that Mitad del Mundo was the exact location of the Equator. However, today we know that he was 240 meters off. We will continue our tour on a very curvy road towards Santo Domingo; our overnight stop on the way to the Pacific coast.

Day 4

Santo Domingo – Canoa / Bahia de Caraquez
Our ride will continue toward and along the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Canoa is a beautiful spot on the Northern Pacific Coast. Located just north of Bahia de Caraquez  you’ll find a small town full of fun. The sandy beach stretches north toward towering cliffs that can be explored at low tide. We will be riding on the “Panamerica Highway” and revisit this famous road many times during our tour.

Day 5

Bahia de Caraquez – Puerto Cayo
Today we will follow the Pacific coast until we arrive in Puerto Cayo. The hotel is right by the pacific ocean so that we can enjoy the view of the surf in the evening. The hotel is the best in the area. The owner will treat us to fantastic Ecuadorian cuisine is you so desire.

Day 6

Puerto Caya – Quevedo
We will be leaving the first of the four environments of Ecuador, the Pacific coast and ride towards the east. We will stop for the night in Quevedo which is at the foot of the Andes. Quevedo is also called the Chinatown of Ecuador. Let’s see what surprises this city will present us.

Day 7

Quevedo – Baños de Agua Santa
Our ride to Banos is very diverse and has, like all sections on this tour, countless curves. After a few days of riding you will have the feeling that there are no straight roads in Ecuador. As we leave Quevedo you will notice that we will constantly ride uphill until we arrive at Quilotoa, where we will visit the crater lake at approximately 13,000 feet.
Banos, our evening destination, is at a lower elevation of 5,900 feet and a very culturally inviting city with a beautiful church. Banos is known for its many natural springs and baths.

Day 8 

Baños de Agua Santa
You will have the choice of just take a day off, or riding a day trip around the volcanoes.
Our local friends are offering a typical Ecuadorian dinner at their house.

Day 9

Baños de Agua Santa – Cuenca
We will be leaving the idyllic Banos and ride to the Andes capital city of Cuenca. An amazing riding day is waiting for us with lots of curves and mountain roads. Cuenca is the most European-like city in Ecuador. You will feel as if you have stepped into Madrid or Milan. Cuenca is considered the most beautiful city in all of South America. You will find many fine restaurants and boutiques.

Day 10

Cuenca – Macas
The third environment of Ecuador, the Amazon, is waiting for us. You will notice that not only the environment changes dramatically but the people will as well. The natives are shorter in stature. They have adapted their lifestyle to natural environment. The main highway the E45 of Ecuador will lead us to Macas. The word “highway,” can be misleading. We will be riding innumerable curves for your biking pleasure.

Day 11

Macas – Puerto Misahualli
Our ride today will lead us along banana- and cacao plantations. In this region, people live with the bare minimum that is necessary to survive. Luxury items are not part of their lifestyle. A cow, a pig, a roof over your head and cacao are all that are needed to keep the natives very happy and satisfied. Puerto Misahualli is alongside the river Napo. At the harbor, monkeys, the local wild life, will watch us boarding the boats. They are fun but be careful with your shiny things. Monkeys like to steel shiny things!!!

Day 12

Puerto Misahualli –Quito
We will ride many more curves ascending through the mountains to Quito. Sadly, this will be our last day of riding. We will return the motorcycles to our BMW partners in Quito.

Day 13

Departure from Mariscal Secure International Airport Quito

At the end of a MAXimal Tours trip, we see the word “END” with sad eyes. As always, we at MAXimal tours hope that we have become friends during this journey and that we will meet outside of our tours as well. That’s the difference that you will find riding with MAXimal Tours.

The flights from Quito depart very late. Your hotel in Quito is booked until check out time. It may be helpful to add another day. We can help you with the reservation

Panamerican Highway and Vulcans … all you need is Ecuador.

Vaccination and Health Risks

Your doctor can give you important advice and prescribe vaccines and medications to help you stay safe while traveling abroad.
Nobody ever had any problems on our tours.

Please be aware of the elevation in the Andes region Days 3 – 5 (up to 13,000′ but only for short period / no overnight stay) Quito (9350′). Pacific region and Amazon not high elevated.
We suggest an earlier arrival to climatize.
Ask your doctor for advice.


Panamericana, Pacific, Andes and Amazon

05.07.2018 – 05.18.2018

Day 1 – Pre tour impressions

Preparation has begun

Tourguide briefing with our local partners in Quito. We are ready to roll

Day 2 – Live in Quito on a Sunday

Day 3 – Monday night Football (Soccer)in Quito

Day 4 – Spanish heritage in Quito “The golden age”

Day 5 – First riding day from Alvarez Barba BMW to the Equator and Santo Domingo

Day 6 – Ecuador’s Westcoast another fantastic riding day, more to come.

Day 7 – Highlights of our ride from Canoa to Puerto Cayo

The first cap of our BMW MOA school project went to this boy. Very proud.

Day 8 – A home cooked meal after an exhausting riding day and mothers day celebration.

Day 9 – Another Ecuadorian child with our BMWMOA outfit, a very happy boy and his family. Banos to Cuenca a very impressive ride.

Day 10 – The entrance to the Amazon jungle.The 3rd world of Ecuador. Our project TShirts and soccer balls for local schools was a big success and it will be continued.

Day 11 –Final riding day of Ecuador Tour 1 We hit the 4000m mark again.Thank you to our team and our riding friends

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Panamericana, Pacific, Andes and Amazon

Day 1 – First riding day Ecuador 2 2018

The chicken on tour again

Day 2 – Canoa – Puerto Cayo

Day 3 – We are leaving Ecuador’s world No1 “The pacific coast”

Day 4 – Another great riding day. We reached the 13,000 feet mark at Quilotoa.

Day 5 – Nur noch 2 Tage und auch die zweite MAXimal Tours Ecuador 2018 Tour findet ein Ende. Heute trafen wir wieder auf die dritte Welt Ecuadors “Der Amazon Dschungel”

Day 6 – The MAXim Tours adventure Ecuador has been finished safely and accident free. 2 fully booked tours in a country that provides a bikers paradise and still has the adventure character.

Two outstanding Ecuador tours have been finished.
Now we got time for us to let body, mind abd soul relax

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