Ireland Motorcycle Tour
Ireland Motorcycle Tour
Ireland by Motorcycle
Motorcycle Tour Mizen-Head
ireland motorcycle tour
ireland motorcycle tour
ireland motorcycle tour
ireland motorcycle tour


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Per Rider

  • The Tour Price for fully booked tour (6 Motorcycles)
  • Top hotels with breakfast and
  • BMW motorcycle including insurance
  • Tour guides in front on a motorcycle and a van
  • Please check our website for further info about the included activities
  • Air Fare is not included in the tour price. Prices/Hotels/Route are subject to change.

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Per Passenger

  • The Tour Price for fully booked tour (6 Motorcycles)
  • Top hotels with breakfast and
  • BMW motorcycle including insurance
  • Tour guides in front on a motorcycle and a van
  • Please check our website for further info about the included activities
  • Air Fare is not included in the tour price. Prices/Hotels/Route are subject to change.

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We greet you at the airport and collect you up to our hotel in Dublin for the first night of Irish magic. We have our first group briefing and talk about the sights and stops that await us along the way. A good nights rest is always advised, but the sound of the live Irish music and grand ‘criac’ (Irish for fun) may be too much for you to resist. Either way, you’ll sleep well on your first Irish evening.


A van awaits us as we head out straight away to pick up the motorcycles. A short, mandatory safety class will remind you of the traffic laws and customs of the Irish roads. Most importantly, the class will serve you well as we are reminded that in Ireland…you drive on the LEFT SIDE of the road!

Kick stands up and off we head to the North of Ireland. We will travel through Northern Ireland for an hour or more, and we are reminded that Ulster was a war-torn Province for many dec-ades. But after more than 20 years of peace, travel through this region is beautiful and memorable.

The North Sea greats us and we ride along the coast through fishing villages and past links-style golf courses. We are in County Donegal and we spend our first night as motorcycle tourists in the town of the same name. Fresh seafood from the North Atlantic and a pint draw to a close our first day on the road.


After a traditional Irish breakfast, we head north to the green hills and mountains of Donegal and ride through Glengesh Pass and other quietly beautiful areas of remote Northwest Ireland. The names of the towns and villages roll of the tongue like poetry…Ballyshannon, Killybegs, Carrick and Ballycroy. We honor the writers as we briefly pause in Drumcliff to visit the grave of Irelands great poet W.B Yeats.
This is farm country and we are stuck by the lush and fertile soil, feed and watered by the sea. Hills,valleys and coastline give us a variety of riding that is unmatched. Our beds for the night are in Westport.
As a designated Heritage Town and winner of the National La Bella Vita Tidy Towns Competi-tion, the words picturesque and Westport go hand in hand in hand.


You are now quickly getting a taste for beans,sausage and marmalade for breakfast, but the road is calling. We will travel fewer miles today and stop more often for photos and to simply stop and look at this nearly perfect countryside.
Connemara National Park is like no other place and the lanes take us onward to Clifden and the ‘Sky Road’. Stunning sea scapes are around nearly every turn.
The world famous Kylemore Abbey is a must-see stop and we wander and stretch our legs and tour the picturesque valley.
A gently paced ride shows us Coastal Ireland at its finest and we pull into Galway city, the larg-est city in the West of Ireland. Your evening stroll takes you past Lynch Castle, the beautiful Galway Cathedral and around Eyre Square before a nearby pub beckons.


This is a day that you will never forget. The day you cast your eyes upon the Cliffs of Moher.

As we leave Galway, we pass a pub named Paddy Burke’s, famous many years ago for being featured in a VISA credit card TV commercial. But now, they also DO take American Express. We ride through the musical village of Doolin, as it is the northern gateway to
The Cliffs of Moher.

The Cliffs rise 390 feet above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag’s Head and reach their maximum height of 702 feet just north of O’Brien’s Tower. Words fail to describe what it feels like to see these spectacular cliffs. This indescribable place will live in your memory forever.
We follow the coast south and west to Loop Head Lighthouse, a lonely and beautiful place. Built in 1854, Loop Head Lighthouse has saved many a soul from the craggy shores.

A short ferry ride takes us south from County Clare to County Kerry and the motorbikes are put away for the night in Tralee. The Rose Garden in the Tralee Town Park is home to a life size bronze statue depicting the original Rose of Tralee, Mary O’Connor. We toast and sing to The Rose and we recall the magnificent sights that were seen on this day.


Even the casual traveler and lover of all things Irish have hear of the Dingle Peninsula and The Ring of Kerry. Today is the day that you will see and experience them both.

National Geographic calls the Dingle Peninsula one of the most beautiful places on earth…and we sure not be arguing with themselves about that now! Connor Pass cuts through the heart of the Peninsula and leads us to the village of Dingle, where we lunch and try to think of more words beside ‘single’ that will rhyme with this gorgeous region.

If we stopped at every vista for a photo, we’d never get home…but then…that wouldn’t be all that bad now would it?
We take nearly a 180 degree turn at Castlemaine and the Ring of Kerry is next. We time this ride west so as to catch the afternoon sun illuminating the Kerry landscape. Winding and weav-ing our way next to the waters edge reminds us that this country and its beauty are timeless.

We rest in Killarney for the night. A day of unforgettable riding will be the topic over a pint and more Irish song.


The day ahead holds a similar style of riding, but never the same. Each turn and single track road has it’s own story.
South from Killarney, we first traverse the Ring of Beara and aim towards Lamb’s Head where the sheep out number the people. This day will show us the remote and rugged life of living on the Beara Peninsula and how durable and determined the Irish soul is and can be.
Weaving our way past rock and pasture, a unique adventure takes us to the Dursey Island Cable Car. A brief ride to the island takes just minutes and we may share the car with sheep or goats. The photos of our short island hop will become cherished memories of an one-of-a-kind journey.

Rock ruins and cottages long abandoned and forgotten, are seen next to the road and you wish you knew the story behind these lonely walls.

We have one more rocky point to ride and we head to Mizen Head. A cup of tea and scones warm you as we pause and look west to an endless horizon and place yourself in the shoes of millions of Irish who left their native home forever.
The houses become more numerous, as does the population and we can feel we are leaving the desolate West. We opt to spent the night in Skibereen and enjoy the culture of Irish village life. Skibereen means ‘little boat harbour’ and we regret not having more time to explore this quaint town.


Pulling out of Skib, down the road lies Bealnablath, the site where the Irish Free State hero Mi-chael Collins was gunned down. A simple white cross marks the place where the history of The Republic of Ireland was changed forever. We tip our hat to ‘The Big Fella’, as he was called,and ready ourselves for the best know of all Irish landmarks, Blarney castle and the The Blarney Stone.
Walking through Blarney Castle prepares us for the moment when your lips caress the stone that will gift you with a lifetime of eloquence. Your life will never be the same and we are all happy to have ear plugs available, just in case the magic works, for the remainder of the tour.
A stop at the world famous Waterford Crystal factory shows us the old world craftsmanship and quality that makes Waterford Crystal an icon. We search in vain for a crystal motorcycle, so we enjoy our final road hours on our beautiful BMW’s. Our tired bodies are relieved to see the ga-rage, but the thought of leaving the bike gives us a second wind of exploration and then the sad reality that our brilliant Irish Adventure has ended.

Back to the hotel for a final night to share stories, tall tales and a few more pints of liquid Irish perfection. A grand finale for a grand journey.


We gather for a final Irish breakfast and lament that our motorcycles are not in the car park and waiting for us. So we sit and plan for next years ride while the memories are fresh in our minds. Some will begin the journey back home while others decide to extend their stay and spend a day or two extra exploring beautiful Edinburgh. Handshakes and hugs are exchanged and we instantly begin to play the sweet memories of our Emerald Isle adventure. Slán!

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